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16 Swimming Pools You Wouldn't Mind Getting Wet For

Growing up in a tropical country, it is only innate to want to strip to your bare minimums - trunks and bikinis - and take a dip in the chilly cold waters that will rejuvenate you and elevate your mood instantly. However, that being said, we city dwellers are no longer amused and intrigued with confined pools that overlook skylines of cities or olympic sized pools to do our laps. Yeah, that’s pretty much the lack of amusement we get when we are already home to world-class Marina Bay Sand’s infinity pool.
A perfect dip would encompass something out of the norm; something that blurs the dichotomy between nature and development. A swimming pool so natural, so breathtaking; literally as we try to stay afloat in this astounding, oxymoronic endless yet confined pools.
Hanging Gardens Ubud Resort, Bali, Indonesia
Suspended over the surrounding lush jungle, this stunning split level infinity pool lined with Batu Chandi Stone gives swimmers an immersive feeling of floating amidst nature. Heated upon request, you can indulge in ultimate pampering; while detaching from your stressful mind.
Belmond Hotel Caruso, Campania, Italy
Perched on the highest point of Advello Cliffs at 365 meters above sea level, Hotel Caruso’s heated infinity pool commands a picturesque view over the Sorrento Peninsula. Picture perfect with the surrounding sea, sky, and mountains.
King’s Pond @ Four Seasons Hotel, Ka’upulehu, USA
Swim through the man-made aquarium carved out from natural black lava rock that is 200 years old! Borrow complimentary snorkelling equipments and sunbathe with 3500 tropical fishes - redlip parrotfishes, yellow tangs, unicorn fishes, spotted algae rays, just to name a few. Also, this pool is filled with 6.8 million litres of natural springs and ocean water.
Velassaru Maldives Resort, Maldives
An infinity pool that extends from your usual sandy beach of a private island straight into the glistening waters of the turquoise sea, bringing tropical paradise to a new definition - peace and serenity. Behold the unsurpassable beauty of the Indian Ocean as the sun blurs with the sea in the horizon while you indulge in poolside cocktails.
Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, Maldives
jumeirah dhevana maldives.jpg
Jumeirah Dhevanafushi stands on a small underwater sandbank, extending 850m from the main island. Each room comes with a private pool, and you’ll feel as if you own the blue hues of Indian Ocean. With spotlights so subtly installed in the infinity pool, feel the reflecting connection with the starry night.
Giola Lagoon, Thassos, Greece
If you’re a staunch believer of ‘beauty only for the hardworking’, this natural phenomenon is made for you. Giola Lagoon is a pool carved into the rocks, with water flowing in from the open sea. This seaside pool is quite a trek but to compensate your aching limbs, you’ll get to soak in water warmer than the sea and your own amazement with Mother Nature.
Villa Katikies, Santorini, Greece
katikies hotel greece.jpg
27 spectacular suites with indoor and outdoor jacuzzis are built on the cliffs of humbling beauty Oia. These suites speak very much of contemporary style and cycladic architecture. You’ll involuntarily awe at the majestic view of the Caldera as you relax and find inner zen against strains of the soft background music with your favourite cocktails from the infinity pool bar.
The Lalu @ Sun Moon Lake, Taichung, Taiwan

No better position to be in as this warm outdoor pool gives a bird eye’s view of Taichung. Overlooking legendary Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan mountains is in the East and plains in the West. From the green landscape to the calm waters; all within your panoramic view.
Villa d’Este Hotel, Cernobbio Como, Italy
The hotel pool is set on a platform that sits on the glittering water of Lake Como. This is beyond the aesthetically pleasing view. Villa d’Este Hotel was built in 1568 and was home to Caroline, Princess of Wales. However, fret not, the sense of formal regal grandeur and historical importance of this hotel remains till date.
Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia
With the sea water spilling in sneakily from bigger waves and its proximity, Bondi Icebergs is almost part of the endless ocean.
Although the pool is slightly cooler than the ocean, who are we to complain when we don’t have to spend loads just to enjoy the touch of fun in nature?
Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, GrindavĂ­k, Iceland
It is no wonder that Blue Lagoon hogs the must-visit of GrindavĂ­k, Iceland. More than just a social scene in the aquamarine coloured, unchlorinated water heated by geothermal power plant adjacent, Blue Lagoon is a year round, hypnotising experience when you soak in the unique natural combination of minerals.
Lava pool, Porto Monoz, Portugal
Bounded by lava stones and filled with clear water, this natural occurring pool of 3800 square meter is your perfect summer vacation. With lifeguards on duty, you can drop your fears and enjoy those wave pools created naturally.
Pamukkale Thermal Pool, Denizli, Turkey
cotton castle thermal pool.jpg
Also known as Cotton Castle for its entrancing snow-like beauty. The beauty of baby blue waters against the crystal like terraces is sublime. This surreality has been a natural wonder since 2nd BC and is a roman equivalent of a health spa. What’s more when you can find Roman ruins underwater as well?
The Cambrian, Adelboden, Switzerland
Watch the beauty of Swiss Alps undress as you soak in the soul-soothing terrace hydrotherapy pool. The view is equally impeccable across all seasons; green lush or snowy capped mountains in every direction.
Adventure-lovers will be further thrilled by the ski hill right beside the hotel!
Chongwe River House, Lower Zambezi, Zambia
More than just a visual feast, as nature has been brought into the house. All furniture in the house are made from nature, the fallen ones of course. The dichotomy between the large pool and the Chongwe River right beside is blurred as the wildlife roam freely in the background.
Amangiri Resorts, Canyon Point, Utah
Tucked in a protected valley lies a secluded resort with a central swimming pool that is one of the few hangouts of famous Hollywood stars. As if you are filming a James Bond movie, what surrounds you is a lofty landscape of deep canyons and towering plateaus. The boundless beauty your eyes are set on dates back to a geological past of 180 million years; evoking sentiments of raw ancient settlement.  

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