Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Vientiane, Laos. Our nightmare.

Friendship bridge was anything but friendly. All we got were stares and violent arm-pulling from the tuktuk drivers. The only thing lacking was probably bruises on our arms. All we wanted was to head to Vientiane City centre in one piece, at a low price. So, like poultry, we were dumped on this SongTheow. Just that we were unwanted poultry for being too measly with our spending. But impatient face and ultimately, the pretend-to-be-angry-and-walk-away tactic worked and we got the SongTheow moving immediately at price of USD 4 for 2. (Insert celebratory emoji) 

We were half expecting to see streams of backpackers or tourists along the way. Instead the gravel caused a PSI of 900 and we only saw pain in our eyes. "HERE CITY CENTRE. DOWN DOWN!" was what shook us awake from our misty whirlpool but what laid in front didn't un-mist our already lethargic bodies and minds. With not a single building (let's forget about wifi), we found geographers within and managed a few attractions and one of the best sunsets on the trip. 

Pictures : 
That Dam (pronounced as tard-darm)


Try to reach before 5pm so you could head up to the top. 

I wasn't lying about the sunsets, yeah? 

And hour hand on our watches was merciless, it was 7pm and I haven't heard from my couch host. We were prepared to sleep in this random building but nearly peed/faceted in our favourite elephants when the security started switching off the lights. 

With our empty stomachs and mozzie-bitten weak bodies, we made it to the most "touristy" area of Vientiane -- Nam Phou Fountain. Because we spent so much on accommodation, we had to do instants for dinner. 

Plot twist: the couch host didn't actually abandon us. I texted him but apparently Laos SIM card couldn't receive international texts. 

Plot twist twist: we did not like Vientiane. Not at all. But the sunset didn't belong to Vientiane. 

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