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28 parallels in Asia of the world's most beautiful destinations

If we see the universe in a geometrical point of view, then I would take the different continents as parallels; never the same, but with overlapping characteristics.

Thanks to my insomniac nights, I've resorted to viewing pictures and reading blogs tagged 'wanderlust' about explorations and travels around the world to let my night fade to dawn faster. However that has only affirmed my deep seated belief and jealousy that you can never exhaust the world of what it has to offer. 

Europe to me is a historical, cultural mecca that boasts blocks after blocks of red bricks attractions (sorry for my Asian stereotype). America, a place of rapid modernity and well-preserved ancient history. From its medieval Golden Age to the headlines of 21st century, big things have and are happening on the other side of the globe.

It is only normal to have my eyes plastered on Europe and America, or even Australia, but for years, I've overlooked what's right beside me. Stuck with my very emaciated travel-piggybank that is self-funded and trapped in the vortex of travels these few years, I've been around Asia a lot and I have to say, the world is a geometrical figure.

Waddle in a kaleidoscope of petals and blooms

Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands

If you get eye/ear/orgasms from floral beauty, Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands is the place for you. But before Asian counterparts start brawling over the loss of university exchange opportunities in Amsterdam, I have a piece of comforting fun fact for you. Tulips are not Dutch and have their roots from the East!

The Tulips at Keukenhof Garden is approximately the 500th generation since their natural habitat is the rocky, dry mountainous region around China and Russia border, (no) thanks to Botanist Caroulus Clusius. Brings me to my next point...

Source: flightsite

Srinagar Tulip Festival, Kashmir

Bringing around 60 finest species of Tulips to a 15-hectare garden, Srinagar Tulip Festival is crowned the biggest flower festival in Asia. Now you don't have to fly half the globe to run through a garden filled with tulips, Kashmir presents this unique opportunity each April.

Source: travelingbeats

Lopburi Sunflower Fields, Thailand

If you're not picky about what types of flowers to run through, or want to portray your 'sunshine' vibes, you can find even cheaper alternatives in Thailand every December to February. With mountains as the backdrop, any shot will look professional.

Source: jingsreise


Source: jingsreise

Take a midday siesta and be laidback, carefree, and relaxed all at once

Alfresco dining along the streets of Europe

Strut in your favourite piece of clothing as the spring breeze brush across your face with a tinge of floral scent. Daily cuppa fix as you ogle at the cute barista, stealing glances at the passing crowd. With the slight warmth from the sun rays against your skin, this scene is what we tropical kids can only dream of and be jealous of when watching Hollywood films.

Source: Britannica

Tian Zi Fang @ French Concession, Shanghai, China

Tian Zi Fang is an art and craft enclave, transformed from the residential area in the French Concession of Shanghai, China. A vanguard of creative expressions, it is as if you're walking through a maze with endless rows of alfresco bars, cafes, design studios, and galleries.

Tourists sit outside the bars and cafes, inhabitants hurry by with their daily errands while you walk through and fall in love with these stoned-brick walled shophouses and lanes with infinite novelties. Throughout the year, the eateries will be changing their menus in accordance to seasons. 

This architectural composition denotes the city's eventful history with the West since the mid 19th century and has been preserved in its original structure.


Source: Myfiveacres


Haji Lane, Singapore

Haji Lane is in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood in Singapore. This lane features the preserved pre-war shophouses selling an array of contemporary, quirky garments and accessories by local designers and young entrepreneurs.

Peeking from the turns of these shophouses are cafes and eateries with open-door concept where you can people-watch your restless, humid day away.


Source: Thepod

Have your love signed, sealed, and locked eternally

Padlocking in Paris, France

Lovebirds' dreams to pledge their undying romance - after padlocking their love-locks on the fence, lovers toss the keys into the Seine River for eternal devotion. Or destruction? STOP! Like how life weighs down on you, the weight of your immense love (locks) are becoming too overwhelming for the most romantic bridge to Eiffel Tower to handle.

Join "Free your love, save our bridges" campaign and quit endangering lives of fellow travellers and Parisians.

Source: parishues

Padlocking in N Seoul Tower, South Korea

N Seoul Tower is a romantic pilgrimage for couples who wish to declare their everlasting love. Unlike Paris, N Seoul Tower has been encouraging (self) lovers to leave locks in designated areas.

Another interesting feature of this place would be the heart shaped chairs with leaning edges to make you fall for each other again, literally this time round.


Live like a rouge treasure hunter

Sahara Desert, Middle East continent

Let the beauteous and hypnotising view of the natural solarium captivate you and forget about the scorching heat that penetrates your skin. Thirst, swollen lips and deafening silence hollowing through your ears, you ride on the sturdy backs of the camels; exposed to the majestic burning sun without shelter. I think of Sahara.

Source: apexplanet

Mui Ne Sand Dunes in Vietnam

Located in the Southwest of Vietnam, the white and red sand dunes are the top few Vietnam's charming geological spots. A few hours of land transfer from Ho Chi Minh City, you'll get to the Saharan-like dunes. At the white dunes, you can live your dream of becoming Santa Claus and sled through the white canvas of sand.

Source: Mimosatravel

Behold an expanse of golden-brown sand stretching out to meet the horizon. Feel the grains of sand glueing themselves against your sweaty pores as you plough your way upwards for a better view of the dunes.

Source: muinebayresort

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

The Gobi Desert with land mass larger than Switzerland stretches across much of Southern Mongolia and borders with China. With its extreme high and low temperatures, Gobi is home to endangering wild Bactrians and other animals. Crowned as one of the world's largest biospheres, you will find large barren expanses of gravel plains and rocky outcrops.

Source: shedexpedition

Source: mongtravel

Flamboyant, whimsical architecture

Scandinavian houses

Despite the notorious gloomy winter in Scandinavia, it is still no surprise that they are home to one of most admirable architectural designs, to me at least, when you have IKEA at your backyard. 

Actually, fun fact for this multi-coloured mishmash of cottages: some of the islands in Norway have rules about which colour you can paint your home.
Source: naturallynordic

Sapa City Centre, Vietnam

Many would associate Sapa with Vietnam's Fansipan, highest mountain in the Indochina region, and the rice terraces hidden amidst the mountainous range. But as we date back to Vietnam's colonial past, you will notice that Sapa was a delightful, old French Hill Station. Hence, some of the influences from its colonial past still lingers.

Call me shallow for not having been to Europe and sending pictures of Sapa City Centre to my friends; telling them I'm in Norway. But that was the first parabolic vibes I got.
Source: jingsreise

Source: jingsreise  

Not all of us end up with Prince Charming

Horse Riding in UK's countryside

If dreaming would get me there, I would. UK is a land of many faces, from pulsing city life in London to the intricate countryside towns. It offers one of the top-notch horse riding destinations with its moorlands, ambling streams and coastlines... And maybe Prince as Charming as William.


Horse Riding in Beijing, China

I would give up my Prince Charming any day for a horse riding session with this 80 year old man who might have starred in your favourite Chinese sword-fighting movie. I went with my parents and sister to Beijing's countryside and spent less than 400SGD on 3 hours of horse riding on bigger Mongolian horses. Steal!


Source: jingsreise

Watch a painter's palette come to live

Landmannalaugar in Iceland

Located at the edge of Laugahraun Lava Fields (formed in an eruption around 1477), Landmannalaugar not only provides a hike in the colourful rhyolite mountains, you can also bathe in the raw-natural geothermal pool.

Source: panoramio

Zhangye Danxia, Gansu Province, China

You might actually take 'memes of unicorns puking pleasant colours' for real. As how the previous sentence depicts fantasy, Zhangye Danxia is a place out of a fairy tale book. This is the greatest gathering of different pigments of natural stones in the world; coloured sandstones and minerals pressed together over 24 million years.

Source: laboiteverte

Source: tumblr

Keep your hands to yourself, do not take anything sacred away

Macha Picchu ancient city, Peru

Be prepared to be optically stimulated at one of the world's most enigmatic ancient sites. Rediscovered in 1911, Macha Picchu was believed to be a secret ceremonial site; seated 2000 feet above the fiery Urubamba river and sometimes, peeking out from the clouds. It near-perfect preservation state hints the power and achievement of the urban Inca Empire.

Source: famouswonders

Angkor Complex, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Deep in the luscious forest of Siem Reap Province lies temples of Angkor built by former Khmer civilisation between 802 to 1220 AD. The intricacies of its mightiness symbolises the enduring architectural achievements of mankind.

The spirit and culture at Angkor Complex are not lost. Today, you will see the daily transactions of the locals amidst these 100 stone temples.

Bayon Temple
Source: jingsreise

Elephant Terrace
Source: vestigesoftime

Ta Phrom Temple
Source: vestigesoftime

Plain of Jars, Phonsavan, Laos

Place of danger and spook. For a more detailed story, click here.

Source: vestigesoftime


Source: vestigesoftime

No money, No honey, No dick play

Amsterdam red light district

Source: weareholidays

Patayya, Thailand


Source: santabanta

Be part of 'Summer Paradise' featured in YouTube videos

What's summer paradise with just sun, sand, and fun? You'll need some adrenaline to keep you 3 months holidays pumping.

Waimea Bay @ Oahu, Hawaii

Source: gcflight

Ariel's Point, Boracay, the Philippines

Aqua-adventure destination located a short boat ride from Boracay island. Cliff diving at Ariel's Point has become Number One on TripAdvisor's Top Things To Do in Boracay. I was there last summer and if you must know, this is definitely not just another hype. This 4 hours getaway from your Boracay beach getaway will kick start the gung-ho side of you.

Source: jingsreise

Baho Waterfalls, Nha Trang, Vietnam

While many locals come here to escape the tropical heat by soaking themselves in the clear waterfall, you will see no lack of adventurers jumping off the second tier of the waterfall. Have a splashing soak!

Source: meandmychunks

Lose your senses (of direction)

Six flags, America

I'll stop my descriptions here as you head to the toilet and release your pent-up fears.

Source: themeparkreview

Source: amusement-parks

Fuji Q Highlands, Japan

This theme park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji is popular for its intense thrilling rides. Think: Takabisha famous for its drop angle of 121degrees. You're welcomed.

Fuji Q Highlands though overshadowed by well-loved Disneyland in Tokyo, builds large sized roller coaster every five years to make new Guinness World Record.
Source: stripes

T Express, Wooden Roller Coaster @ Everland, South Korea

A little statical report of T Express in the largest theme park of South Korea:
3 mins ride: Longest in Asia
77 Degrees drop
104km/hr: Fastest in Asia
1779m long: Longest in Asia

Source: koreatimes

Source: aclipse

Lose your concept of length 

Amazon River

Amazon basin is a marvel of the world and a place many could only imagine. Its ecosystem is unrivaled by size and diversity. Many would say the joy of being at Amazon is subtle - to the quiet but powerful river itself.


Yellow River, China

The chinese call it their cradle of civilisation as its basin was the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilisation. This most sedimented river on Earth is a potent icon of Chinese geography and history- rising from Qinghai province on the Plateau of Tibet and crossing 6 other provinces and 2 autonomous regions in its course to Bo Hai.

Source: chinadaily

Hanging by a thread, literally

New Zealand's bungee jump

To some it's Bungy, and others Bungee. But either would track your thoughts to the adrenalined-packed activity that hangs your life by a thread, literally. Elastic cord, if you like it. Bungee jumping is an essential feature on every daredevil's bucket list - to be diving from giddy height and hanging loose in mid-air, and especially in New Zealand, since they were the "inventors" of Bungee.


Longqing Gorge Bungee

Not only a relaxing destination, Longqing Gorge is an ideal place to do extreme sports such as Bungee jumping. With the same thrill as world's known AJ Hackett Bungee in Queenstown, New Zealand, Longqing Gorge suspends from a height of 50m, towering the jade-green clear waters.
Source: tour-beijing

Source: boomsbeat

Bungee Jumping, Mae Rim, Thailand

Not too far from Chiangmai city centre lies the natural beauty Mae Rim. Amid this mountainous area, you can find Bungee jumping as cheap as your chips, but safety guaranteed!

Kwang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos

If your adrenaline can't combat your fears, then this lower-level Tarzan swing has got to be your best bet!


Source: kbrege

Transcending land and sea

Tulum in Mexico

Tulum's spectacular coastline offers a place of worship and relaxation for the Mayan kings. On your arrival to this island, you'll understand the choice of the previous Mayan Kings. With the variety of lodgings and restaurants, this place is suitable for all budgets.

Source: tulum

Temple-running in Bali, Indonesia

Spirituality is one of the central vibes of Bali and dotted with many temples, it is no surprise that people call it "island of a thousand temples". When I visited Bali last year, I had the chance of visiting Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot Temple. It is little wonder that these two temples are thronged with tourists and the constant raves about them on travel guides, and books. I was sold as the high tide merged land and sea into one entity; with only the majestic temples in sight.

Source: jingsreise

Source: jingsreise

Happily Ever After Scene with your S.O

Tunnel of Love, Kleven, Ukraine

Another typical scene out of a fairytale book, this is the legendary whimsical love tunnel where the princess lives happily ever after with Prince Charming. Well congratulations, you can find it in Ukraine.


Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan

Not just a picture, these wisterias are pretty interactive in real life when it comes to blooming with seasons. This enchanting tunnel of 150 wisterias from 20 different species will bloom in pink at the start of the season, going into hues of purple, shades of white and finally blends of yellow.

Source: enpundit  

Source: astoundable  

Cherry Blossom Shower, Gyeonghwa Station, Korea

Self explanatory.

Source: nurulazam

b2ap3_thumbnail_southkorealovetunnel1_20140908-073050_1.jpgSource: thegoldenscope

Ginko Tree Tunnel, Tokyo, Japan

Ginko nuts are not only good for your brains, Ginko Tree Tunnel is good for the mind and soul. Fun fact: 6 ginko trees survived the Hiroshima bombing and are still alive today at this tunnel beside the Meiji Shrine.

Source: Google Plus

Culture Awareness and immersion

South American Villages

Dotted with villages from ancient history, South America has long captivated travellers with its plethora of cultural wonders. Cultural curiosity has gathered people from different parts of the world to experience the life of the native hunting population that existed since the 1600s.

Source: Travelblog

Hmong New Year Celebration, Km52 Village, Laos

In case you don't already know, Southeast Asia region has one of the most complex and difficult identifications with race, ethnicity, nationality, and culture. Because of colonialism and it being an important crossroads of the world, influences from India, China and Europe have been embedded into the traditional indigenous culture of this region. 

Hmongs are actually Chinese refugees from the last dynasty, Qing. Although Hmongs can be found worldwide, they have the biggest enclave in Laos and I was blessed with this considerably once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the traditional Hmong New Year; retained since 1700s. 

Read about my experience here.

Source: jingsreise

Source: jingsreise

Hill Tribes, Sapa, Vietnam

Wallow in the beauty of nature while you indulge in immense-cultural gratification. This region that nestles on China's border is home to many ethnic minority groups, each with their own identity. The intricate beauty lies in the uncertainty of facts regarding origin and cultural character of the minorities. The overlapping circles between these ethnic groups that varies in size, ranging from 1 million to less than 200 persons.

Your world's never been brighter

Northern Lights, Northern Hemisphere

Though can barely be described in words while doing the Northern Lights justice, it's a must-have tick on almost everyone's bucket list. The humbling and spiritually uplifting experience to connect with Mother Nature in the most au-natural way.


Source: newsdiscovery

Starry Beach, Maldives

Northern Lights only could be caught in the Northern hemisphere, it is impossible to replicate such a occurring in any other parts of the world. As your head droops down 180 degrees in disappointment, you will realise Mother Nature still loves you. Another natural phenomenon called 'Starry Beach' at Maldives Beaches is something I would die to see it; the shore brighter than the stars in the skies.

Source: boomsbeat  

Source: fiboni

Be a determined geologist

Volcano Etna, Sicily, Italy

Europe tallest volcano that erupts so frequently, continues to puzzle geologists and scientists, has never put travellers off. It's not difficult to see why.

Source: travelioo

Mt Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

An active volcano that towers the island of Lombok. Standing at 3,726 meters tall, Mount Rinjani is famous for its 'ring of fire' that holds spiritual significance to the locals.

It would be difficult for you to put your camera down, or even blink, as you watch the rising sun takes its majestic reign over the clear blue morning sky, shining down on the lush forests and waterfalls on the slopes of Rinjani.

Source: trekkingrinjani

Lake Toba, Medan, Indonesia

That's right, the last you checked, Indonesia and Africa continent are separated by the still-existing Indian Ocean. Lake Toba is the world's largest volcanic lake and some 69,000 to 77,000 years back, it was the site of a massive (using thesaurus intently) supervolcanic eruption that caused a planet-wide die-off of many species and a climate changing event. Though I find it hard to believe, ashes from these eruption can be found in East Africa and has changed the carbon composition in Greenland!

TLC should have changed it to 'don't go chasing volcanoes'. But while it is relatively safer now, I should gather some faith and visit this endless lake that is 100km long, 30km wide and 500m deep. (Wait, is that larger than Singapore?)

Source: indonesiabeautiful

The allure of rivers, canals, and singing boatmen

Italy Gondola

A dream place for newly-weds to romance travellers to wheel-haters, Venice's notorious networks of canals has long been admired as a sight of classic and been the focus of many renowned paintings. Heaps of tourists thronged this place before it starts disappearing with the lowest ebb of the waters.

Yeah, I know, I will be one of those obnoxious travellers snapping thousands of pictures/selfies there.

Source: Telegraph

Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho, Vietnam

Sorry, I am not apologetic for the stark distinct in this parallel comparison. You may not get a gondolier serenading to you at Mekong River, but similar to Venice, Can Tho Floating Market is where their daily lives start and end.

Can Tho is the largest town in the Mekong Delta and hence home to the biggest floating market in Vietnam. When you do a Cai Rang Floating Market tour, you'll get to visit a few fruit farms, bird gardens, and Pho-making factories (what the pho right?). How can I miss out on you buying your breakfast from the other boats around you? Paving way for tourism and modernity, Cai Rang Floating Market still retains its charm as the center of rural lifestyle.

Source: jingsreise


Source: jingsreise

Some of the saddest lessons in history

Auschwitz Concentration Camps, Poland

The factory of death, they call it. Auschwitz - the network of German Nazi concentration camps built and operated by the Third Reich during WW2 in Polish areas. A haunting spectacle as you walk past the most soul-destroying example of human memorabilia - a glass cabinet piled with human hair.

As we stay sheltered (wrong choice of word) in the comfort of our homes, many wouldn't and couldn't have imagined how political, religious and racial revolutions would have ruined peace. However, that being said so blatantly, it does not mean that our curiosity to learn about these topic dies with our thankfully-lack-of-experiences. Majoring in Military History, Auschwitz has always been on my bucket list. I wanted to buy myself a ticket to Poland/Germany for my 21st birthday, but guess who spent all these travel funds on Asia?

Source: yadvashem

Source: ushmm

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Asia had undoubtedly been through its own era of political unrest, colonialisation, and etc. We do not lack sites for you to witness the tyrannies of the previous generation(s). Behind those barbed wires of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum laid a generation of misfortune and civil political turmoil. But as if the citizens had natural endorphins in them, they've found a way of coming to terms with their past that didn't involve any offence-taking and wailing. It was an awful nightmare, but it's over.

Source: jingsreise

Source: jingsreise

Choeung Ek Killing Fields, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Mass grave of victims of the Khmer Rogue, this particular killing field is site of the brutal execution of more than 17,000 men, women, and children; whom first suffered mental and physical torture in S-21 Prison (Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum as aforementioned). The chilling sight of 800 human skulls staring back at you in silence.
Source: jingsreise

Cu Chi Tunnel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This large network of underground tunnels connecting parts of the country during the 2nd Vietnam War, better known as the American War, was Viet Cong's base of operations for Tet offensive in 1968. Though the "black echo" tunnels you see today are already widened and made taller in the name of tourism, you will still get the 'heavy' feeling within as you crawl through the last remnants of the warring years.

Source: jingsreise

Source: jingsreise  

International sporting atmosphere


Source: Tribune

HSBC Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Not new to any Rugby players or fanatics, this is a premier tournament on the IRB Seven World Series rugby sevens competition held annually in Hong Kong on a weekend in late March. Hong Kong might be one of the smallest countries in the world but this event involves the entire Rugby community.

Many legendary international players have claimed that Hong Kong Sevens is the game they look forward to the most because of the atmosphere and the involvement. Buy yourself a ticket to South Stand and you'll find yourself chucking beer with new friends in odd and funky costumes. The spirits and games do not stop with the last try on the pitch, Lan Kwai Fung is the place for after party!

Source: hksevens  

Source: travelweeklyweb  

The SCC International Rugby Sevens

The region's premier international club tournament will, at times be played alongside Asian Qualifiers for the International Rugby Board Rugby 7s World Cup. Expect over 100 games of 7s Rugby to be played over one weekend. Have I mentioned the appearance your favourite Fijian, English, and Hong Kong teams? Spotting legends like Cecil Afrika?

haha yeah, that's me fangirling over ripped Tom Mcqueen in 2012
Source: jingsreise

Not your average amusement park Ferris Wheel

Las Vegas Strip, Neveda, America

Some would have rebutted and call it the world's largest observation wheel, but we get it. This magnificent wheel at a staggering height of 550 feet. It's a sight that can't be missed in this sin city.

Source: latimes

Singapore Flyer, Singapore

Sadly, Singapore has lost its Guinness Record of being the tallest. It's not as though the human population is natural rulers or Gravitational Potential Energy Physicists, the Singapore Flyer is only 9 feet short of Vegas' Strip. As the sun falls forcefully on the cityscape every evening, romantic candlelight dinners are served on the Flyer.


Source: getyourguide

Party and Bullshit

Beach party @ Ibiza, Spain

A clubbing mecca; a sun-soaked hangout enjoyed by many international musicians, artists, and travallers. The environment of lavish beachside nightclubs in Ibiza is the place all partygoers would want to "party and bullshit" at.

Source: essentialibiza

Full Moon's Party @ Koh Phangan, Thailand

All night beach party on the night of, before or after, every full moon. One of the biggest reservations to party my night away is the high price I have to pay to get drunk. But this special place, Koh Phangan, not only allows you to live out your white-sand, palm trees island dreams, you get buckets of alcohol for only $6.


Zoukout Singapore, Singapore

One of Asia's biggest music dance festival organised by Zouk Club Singapore. Zoukout is an annual event in Singapore that draws international stars and is the largest music marathon in Southeast Asia. Get down in your beach gears (or less) and join in this outdoor dance music festival!

Source: onlythebeat

Where magic and inspiration happen


Enough said.

Source: tomorrowland

Ultra Music Festival - Japan & Korea

Sorry, you can't find Tommorowland in Asia but the world's premier electronic music festival, Ultra, is held in two Asian locations - Japan and Korea.

Source: contactmusic


Source: iamyourguide

Take a deep breath and relax, claustrophobes

Luray Caverns, Virginia, America

Filled with visitors since 1878, Luray Caverns has yet to lose its profuse variety of natural formations and undisturbed colours. Hold your breath as you listen to the world's best known haunting sounds created by the symphonic quality of solenoid filed strikes.

Source: luraycaverns

Gunung Mulu National Park, Borneo, Malaysia

Gunung Mulu National Park itself is the size of Singapore and its biggest attraction is none other than the caves. The caves are made for claustrophobes with the world's largest cave passage way of 150m and 120m high; you'll be engulfed by its ginormosity.

Source: mulucaves

Source: mulucaves

Han Son Dong, Vietnam

Any Facebook addict would have seen this viral-cave trending a few months back. Yes, in 2009, Han Son Doong was crowned the world's largest cave and many saw it as an infinite cave. This would be the h(e)aven for any cave goers!



Source: funmozar

Oo-ee-yo-ee-yo, realise your childhood Tree House Dream

Coates castle in west sussex, sherwood forest in nottinghamshire

"My name is Tarzan, I'm from jungle land!". While 'glamping' (glamourous camping) is increasingly going on everyone's To-do-list, the kid in everyone would be revived for this tree-house staycation. An escape from the technologised world while you recuperate with the green friendliness.


Sekeping Serendah, Ipoh, Malaysia

If you think Tree Houses are only featured in the west, I could be your holiday-saviour. Just a short drive from Kuala Lumpur City, you will be completely indulging in your Tarzan-Jane romantic weekend getaway; undisturbed.

Source: uniqhotels

Source: twentytwomarch

Stay undisturbed and tan away!

Kos Island, Greece

Source: tripomatic

Borneo, Malaysia

Source: audreytravel

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Source: blueskyvietnam

Sipping at your glass with no time limit

Australia wineries

Apart from surfer hunks and delish, nutritious breako, Australia has the world's oldest Shiraz vineyards along WA's Margaret River to offer. Road tripping down the laid back atmosphere of the wineries, you'll soon notice why many head over for its reputable award-winning wines.

Source: jingsreise

GranMonte Asoke Valley, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Thailand's wine-production industry has come a long way and GranMonte Asoke Valley has undeniably the most advanced production facility in Thailand. On your visit to the winery, you can taste fresh grapes or processed products like juices, wines, or jams.



Grace Vineyard, Shan Xi, China

With the rising affluence in China, many have been sourcing and learning about the fine wines around the world. Never a surprise from a rising world power to take over the wine-making industry, China wine history dates back to 2000 years ago.

Know of other parallels? Let me know in the comments below. 

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