Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rugby World Club 10s

Call me pragmatic but it is easier to love something when the conditions are right. I am actually thankful that my little competitive country, Singapore, likes bidding for sub-international events like Youth Olympic Games, Rugby Asian Qualifiers and most recently, Rugby World Club 10s, in the newly built stadium.

Did I mention how majestic the Indoor Stadium is? Needless to say, Singapore is perpetually in our own competition of being ‘one of the world’s biggest’; this stadium is one of the world’s biggest sporting infrastructures. Under these right conditions for an avid Rugby fan (not an active player anymore, LOL), I love Singapore. I don’t have to be a doppelgänger of the 9Gag Asian meme watching world cup with dark eye rings at unearthly hour, I can watch the game ‘live’ and be a total fanatic and take pictures with cute rugby players.

My favourite game: Asia-Pacific Dragon vs The Blues from New Zealand

Samoan boys doing Hakka; no one can resist half naked men.

Brumbies; Cup Runner-up. It was such an intense game against the Blues that i lost my voice instantly. I actually love seeing 20 men fight over the possession of one oddly shaped ball. I enjoy basking in everyone's cheering amidst their passion.

Conclusion: Rugby is still a game for the Oceanian. 

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